Scientific consultants, developers and customers from all over the world. Safe and without paperwork

International marketplace of Scientific and Technological Services

Develop technology and look for counterparties around the world

It doesn't matter what you do. Science and technology are now everywhere

Searching for contractors
Find organisations to complete research projects for you
Searching for specialists
Outsource science-based tasks and freelance scientists without taking on and registering staff
Searching for customers
Move beyond countries, personal contacts and your usual niche of working with customers
Searching for consultants
Find experts to answer any questions you may have on areas that are new to you
Purchase/sale of technology
Use the best innovations or implement your own


Increase efficiency with minimal effort

  • Free
    Use of this service is free, except for additional services and security options (Safe Deal and Honest Barter)
  • Best offers
    Compare and choose the most attractive conditions for customers and specialists in one place
  • International market
    Reach the international market with minimal effort through a single-entry point, using built-in promotional tools
  • Saving money on promotion
    Boost the conversion rate of your submissions and articles by localising them on a single site and promoting them in search engines around the world
  • Boosting reputation
    Carry out significant research projects and develop your international brand to grow financially
  • Cost optimisation
    We reduce your potential costs associated with receiving payment from customers or making payments to specialists


Financial, tax and legal protection

  • Expert control
    Professional experts are invited as independent examiners to review work results
  • Privacy
    Copyright protection is covered by the Terms of Service and your work on the market can be fully private
  • Payment security
    We use escrow accounts and pre-screen counterparties, ensuring customers get results and specialists get paid for their services
  • Tax security
    The service automatically prepares closing documents for each party to the transaction and takes into account local legal requirements


Reducing the burden on in-house staff

  • No paperwork
    Work with overseas consultants and contractors without the hassle of paperwork and hiring additional specialists
  • Advance payment
    If necessary, combine the possibility of an advance payment and a Safe Deal for complex and time-consuming work
  • Dividing into stages
    Divide researching & time-consuming tasks into stages to increase quality-controlled results and prevent cash-flow gaps
  • User-friendly personal account
    Keep track of your profile activity and monitor your income and expenses with clear analytics
  • Responsive support
    Our experts are always available to answer your questions and help you make the most of this service as efficiently as possible

How does it work?

Easier than looking for counterparties yourself

Fill in the form, wait for the counterparties’ response or make an offer by yourself
Select a counterparty, negotiate terms in a private chat room and make a deal
Use the Safe Deal options for payment transactions or Honest Barter for non-commercial projects
Get what you agreed on with legally binding documents, and in case of a dispute proceed to arbitration to reach a consensus with expert help
Additional services
Individual approach to each organisation
Payment security
Use escrow accounts for maximum security of cash transactions and barter
Performer search
Confidential search for highly specialised performers
Free promotion and Ads
Use the marketplace, free blog and ads to promote your services and products
Peer Review
Additional verification of results by an independent community expert
Any questions?
We will answer them!
If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like to book a service or to join the Expert Council, fill in the feedback form and we will get back to you!