Under the control of the International Scientific Community

Independent experts monitor every transaction and quality of service

Quality and security

Tools for science and technology development

Expert control
The works are assessed by an Expert Council and Peer Reviewers
Performer search
Confidential search for highly specialised performers
Payment security
Use escrow accounts for maximum security of cash transactions and barter
Free promotion and Ads
Use the marketplace, free blog and ads to promote your services and products
Tax compliance
Choose the best experts around the world without worrying about the law
Information security
Copyright protected, your work can be completely private

Expert control

Trust the experts

Arbitration by Experts
A permanent Expert Council is responsible for resolving disagreements
Peer Review
Additional verification of results by an independent community expert

Confidential search for performers

Your ideas will not be shown to anyone

Analysis of your needs
Fill out the application by checking the box "Hide from other users", and we will analyse it
Search for performers
We are looking for suitable performers through international databases
Checking performers
You choose which performer suits you
Contact with performers
You only pay for contact with performers you like

Payment Security

Safe Deal Option

Completion guarantee
The specialist receives payment from the escrow account only after the work has been fully and satisfactorily completed
Payment guarantee
The customer transfers payment for the work of the specialist to the escrow account immediately after the conclusion of the transaction
In case of disagreement between the counterparties, a decision is taken by the Expert Council on the basis of a comprehensive assessment of the deal documentation
Transaction tracking
The status of your interactions and transactions are available in your personal account and are always updated

How the Safe Deal works?

Simply tick the box after concluding a deal

Concluding a deal and reserving money
After the terms have been agreed in the chat, the customer transfers the money to the escrow account and the specialist provides payment details
Waiting for commitments to be fulfilled
Funds are held until the specialist declares the work done and the client confirms completion of the work
Dispute resolution
In the event of a disagreement, it can be submitted to arbitration by the Experts Council for a refund or a change in the amount of the fee
Checking the result and payment
The customer confirms the completion of the work, and the funds, which the customer previously transferred to the holding account, are paid to the specialist

Security of barter deals

Honest Barter Option

Completion guarantee
In case of non-fulfillment of obligations from one of the parties, its deposit becomes payment for services to the other party
A permanent Council of Experts is responsible for resolving disagreements based on the assessment of the deal’s documentation
Transaction tracking
The status of your interactions and transactions are available in your personal account and are always updated

How Honest Barter works?

Simply tick the box when making a non-monetary deal

Concluding deals and security deposits
When bartering, users are both customers and contractors, so a deposit is held on the escrow account for each party
Bilateral fulfillment of obligations
Cash is held until each party confirms that it has completed the part of the deal for which its counterparty is responsible
Dispute resolution
In case of disagreement, you can open a dispute, return your deposit and get the counterparty's deposit if he/she has not complied with his/her part of the barter deal
Checking the work and refunding deposits
Each party verifies that the other's obligations have been fulfilled and the deposits will be returned to them from the escrow account

Free promotion and advertising

Harness the power of community

Marketplace ads are indexed all over the internet
Publish and discuss developments or services
Announce forums, conferences, webinars, etc.
Highly effective targeted advertising for a related audience

Tax compliance

Forget about paperwork

Compliance with laws
Work with the best scientists and experts from around the world without worrying about regulations
Supporting documentation
Cooperation on the site is official and every transaction is documented

Information security

Copyright and reputation protected

Privacy settings
Your profile and requests have privacy settings that determine their visibility on the site, as well as search engine indexing
The procedure for the transfer of intellectual property is governed by the Terms of Service and is accepted by all users


Pay only for safety and convenience

  • Accessing the marketplace and publishing your proposals
  • Indexing and promoting requests in open access
  • Confidential work on the platform
  • Transaction paperwork
  • Posting articles on the blog
  • Support by experts
Paid services
  • Safe Deal

    From 6.25%, depending on the jurisdiction and payment method
  • Honest barter

    From 6.25%, depending on the jurisdiction and payment method
  • Peer review

    From 5.0% depending on specialist level
  • Performer search

    From $10
  • Advertising

    $8 per 1,000 shows (CPM)
  • Payment through the platform

    From 3.25%, depending on the jurisdiction and payment method
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In which countries is available?
The service is international and available for accounts from over 130 jurisdictions.
Who can work on
The platform is based on the idea of open and accessible science. The platform is intended for legal and individuals who are directly or indirectly related to science, research and development.
What is the Expert Council?
The service was created by scientists and we understand that projects related to science, research and development are highly specialised and risky. That is why we pay attention to reducing the risks to both Clients and Contractors. One of the benefits of is the Expert Council, which, as part of the arbitration, considers and decides disputes between users, taking into account the specific nature and subject matter of the particular transaction. At, disputes are not treated formally: each dispute is handled by a person close to the subject matter
Who is Peer Reviewer?
In case you cannot verify the quality of the results of your order or if you would like to get a review of the results of your deal by an expert, you can choose the service Peer Review. This service includes an assessment of the results by an independent Subject Matter Expert, which can help the Client to decide whether to approve or reject the Contractor's results. A 'blind' assessment scheme is used, whereby: the Peer Reviewer is an external expert who is not on the Expert Council of, the Reviewer does not know who the Client and the Specialist are, the Client and the Specialist do not know who the Reviewer is
How to use security options?
The Safe Deal, Honest Barter or Peer Review options are selected when clarifying the terms of the deal with a particular counterparty after discussing the details in the chat.
What is escrow?
Escrow is an agreement whereby a third-party licensed financial institution holds the Customer's payment in favour of the Contractor until the Broker is notified of the completion of the Contractor's obligations. The funds in the escrow account are managed by the Broker, who, in the context of the Safe-Trade and Honest Barter options, prevents the Contractor from failing to perform the work after receiving the Client's payment and the Contractor from not paying for the work after receiving the result by the Client, as well as conducting arbitrage in case of disagreement between the counterparties. The broker shall be the platform itself.
What is arbitrage?
Arbitration is the process of resolving disputes between counterparties in a Safe Deal or Honest Barter, which can have a result such as: full refund to the Client, full payment to the Specialist, partial refund and partial payment for services, depending on the completeness of the Specialist's obligations. The decision is taken by the Expert Council on the basis of all documents on the current deal and the appeals of both parties.
How is regulated?
All documents are publicly available at the bottom of the page. Every interaction of users on is regulated by the Terms of Service and a separate agreement for a Secure Transaction based on the status of the Service Provider (legal entity or individual) or an Honest Barter based on the status of the Service Provider (legal entity or individual.
What is the fee for Safe Deal and Honest Barter?
The fee is always the same and is 3.0% per transaction. The payment system fee ranges from 3.25% depending on the jurisdiction of the bank account and payment method.
Who pays the fee?
In the case of a Safe Deal, the fee is paid by the Client. In the case of Honest Barter, since this deal is an exchange of services where each party is the Client and the Specialist at the same time, the fee is shared between both parties.
Any questions?
We will answer them!
If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like to book a service or to join the Expert Council, fill in the feedback form and we will get back to you!