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Моделирование и технологическая подготовка производства композитных конструкций. Modelling and technological preparation of composite structures production. Description

Подготовка программ ЧПУ изготовления композитных конструкций. Preparation of CNC programmes for manufacturing of composite structures.

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Mathematical modelling
Анатолий ЕреськоSpecialist, Engineering staff
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Bioinformatics lecturesDescription

This lectures will cover algorithms for solving various biological problems along with a handful of programming challenges helping you implement these algorithms in Python. Lectures will be read by a professor, and practical classes will be conducted by a specialist from the Department of Computer Science.

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Tiri Scientific organisation, Private company
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Determining the causes of deviations in data from sensorsDescription

The task is to develop an algorithm for separating deviations into those caused by the operation of the equipment and those caused by a malfunction of the sensors. An expert in the field will be provided to help.

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Bagrat HakobyanStart up, Private company
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Solar panel technology for country housesDescription

We will buy know-how technology of efficient small-sized solar panels to create an individual and group system of the Internet of things. Consider proposals at any stage of development.

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solar panels
Internet of things
Alex SPowerStart up, Individual entrepreneur
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Solving a system of nonlinear differential equations with logical conditions in Wolfram MathematicaDescription

Good day! It is necessary to solve a system of 12 differential equations with an abundance of logical "if" conditions. I solve in Wolfram Mathematica, but the standard NDSolve methods do not work because of these conditions, I implement the Runge-Kutta method manually, but I get unsatisfactory results and a very long solution. I will be glad to cooperate with a mathematician who can help solve my problem.

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Collaborative research
Article co-authorship
Vitomir EfimowTeacher, Doctor of Science, assistant professor
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Looking for a supervisor at the intersection of neuroscience and mathematicsDescription

Good afternoon! I am interested in computational neuroscience. I know that the topic is relevant, but due to its multidisciplinarity, it is difficult to implement. I'm very executive, now I'm learning python. I am looking for a specialist who would be interested in such a topic, and who could take me into joint research.

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Collaborative research
Preparation of request for invention
computational neuroscience
Dmitriy BabacinPostgraduate student, First year of study
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Development of a model for predicting an employee's decision based on motivation factors in the companyDescription

There is a large set of profiles of employees who quit or stayed to work in various organizations. There is also data on motivation systems in companies. The data is unstructured, the format of the questionnaires is different, but I know who quit and who stayed. I would like to make a model that, according to the employee's profile and the motivation system, will predict the turnover in a particular company.

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Collaborative research
Preparation of request for invention
Bayazit GabdullinPostgraduate student, Second year of study
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Modelling of physical processes in the chemical industryDescription

It is necessary, within the framework of working with programmers and data scientists, to develop a model for monitoring the technical condition and process parameters in the fractionator.

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physical process model
D. RayCommercial organisation, Private company
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Mathematical and statistical modelingDescription

I have about 12 articles in high-ranking scientific journals, wide experience in working with data. Good knowledge of differential calculus.

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math modeling
differential equations
Rakna FadelSpecialist, Engineering staff
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Analysis of materials to reduce the negative impact of natural weather factors on operations in the storeDescription

New materials to reduce the negative impact of natural weather factors on operations in the store: icing, heat, dust, dirt and others

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