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Biology & Genetics
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Early detection of cancerDescription

A platform combining radiology and machine learning methods to help doctors detect malignant tumors in the early stages of screening.

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Miroslav PetrovScientific organisation, Private companyBulgarian Medical Association
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Scientific consulting for biotech startupsDescription

Technical due diligence, startup strategy developing, preclinical study design, etc. Wide experience in building innovative preclinical research programs to investigate neurological, metabolic, and inflammatory diseases as well as experience in early stage biotechnology R&D.

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Collaborative research
Ding ChanInvestor, Individual
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Bioinformatics lecturesDescription

This lectures will cover algorithms for solving various biological problems along with a handful of programming challenges helping you implement these algorithms in Python. Lectures will be read by a professor, and practical classes will be conducted by a specialist from the Department of Computer Science.

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Tiri Scientific organisation, Private companyEdHouse
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Construction project drawings, specifications and terms of reference for the development of innovative photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid systemDescription

Specialists are required to prepare documentation, on the basis of which it is possible to manufacture a pilot device in factories in China. Experience working with Chinese contractors is a plus. The cost and format of participation in the project can be discussed.

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Bartsu Start up, Private companySolarStar
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Well-being serviceDescription

The program allows users to track their physical activity, monitor nutrition, the ability to focus on tasks, emotional health, if necessary, contact curators in order to get advice on the menu, physical activity.

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Miroslav PetrovScientific organisation, Private companyBulgarian Medical Association
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