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Earth & Environment
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Methods and devices for reducing roadside pollutionDescription

It is necessary to conduct a qualitative analysis of patent materials on the topic in English and Chinese.

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roadside pollution
patent analysis
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Yen ChangInvestor, Individual
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Microscopy and Microanalysis LaboratoryDescription

We offer: granulometric analysis; fractographic analysis; metallographic analysis; roughness study; morphology study.

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granulometric analysis
fractographic analysis
Livy FiskScientific organisation, Private companyLFTech
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Business analysis and search for innovative ways of developmentDescription

It is required to audit the business processes of a woodworking plant and perform reengineering based on innovative solutions in the field of ecology. Develop and implement new business process regulations.

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Business analysis
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No nameCommercial organisation, Private companyWTech
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Analysis of materials to reduce the negative impact of natural weather factors on operations in the storeDescription

New materials to reduce the negative impact of natural weather factors on operations in the store: icing, heat, dust, dirt and others

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No nameStart up, Individual entrepreneur
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Scientific writing in marine sciencesDescription

My area of expertise is in the numerical modeling of ocean and coastal processes.

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scientific writing
computational modeling
Johar NaayakResearch Scientists, Senior Researcher
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Manufacturing of unique productsDescription

We are engaged in the turnkey manufacture of unique products for customers outside of China. We work according to the terms of reference and / or on the basis of samples. We will prepare a test sample or a test batch. A wide range of materials (metal, polymers, natural materials) and manufacturing technologies, including high-precision ones. Write to discuss your order.

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Chao Commercial organisation, Private companyDaStore
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Reviewer and editor of educational and scientific materialsDescription

I have been working in the oil & gas and mining industry for 20+ years, conducted 7 experimental industrial tests, conduct advanced training courses, Ph.D. If you need an industry expert to evaluate your text content, then I am happy to be part of your work, either for a fee or as a co-author.

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Article co-authorship
industry expert
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Malik RahaimSpecialist, Engineering staff
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