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Scientific writing in marine sciencesDescription

My area of expertise is in the numerical modeling of ocean and coastal processes.

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scientific writing
computational modeling
Johar NaayakResearch Scientists, Senior Researcher
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Translation of a scientific article from PhDs!Description

According to statistics, more than 50% of articles submitted for consideration to journals from the Scopus and Web of Science are rejected by reviewers due to poor translation into English. This is especially true for high-ranking journals with the Q1-Q2 quartile. For such journals, proofreading by a native English speaker is recommended. We have PhDs in a variety of specialties, editors with many years of experience in scientific papers and native English speakers (British English and American English).

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No nameCommercial organisation, Private company
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Experiments and simulations results visualizationDescription

I will make beautiful graphics, illustrations and drawings for scientific articles, presentations, reports and more. I use vector formats, custom design is possible. Preprocessing in Python is possible.

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Collaborative research
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Aniko SaaghyPostgraduate student, Third year of study
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Patent ServicesDescription

Patenting of inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks. Patent research and patent disputes. Maintenance of a patent, restoration of a patent.

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Patent research
Acacia Commercial organisation, Private company
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Articles publication support and language services for international journalsDescription

Pre- and Post-submission services: english editing and translation, graphical abstract, articles promotion, statistical analysis.

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Alf HabgoodCommercial organisation, Individual entrepreneur
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