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Manufacturing of unique productsDescription

We are engaged in the turnkey manufacture of unique products for customers outside of China. We work according to the terms of reference and / or on the basis of samples. We will prepare a test sample or a test batch. A wide range of materials (metal, polymers, natural materials) and manufacturing technologies, including high-precision ones. Write to discuss your order.

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Construction project drawings, specifications and terms of reference for the development of innovative photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid systemDescription

Specialists are required to prepare documentation, on the basis of which it is possible to manufacture a pilot device in factories in China. Experience working with Chinese contractors is a plus. The cost and format of participation in the project can be discussed.

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Bartsu Start up, Private company
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Consulting in the field of nanotechnologyDescription

I have experience of working in large corporations and performing research projects. Hands-on experience with advanced characterization techniques such as optical microscopy, thermal analysis, dilatometry, XRD, EBSD, EPMA, etc.

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materials science
Merugan EkboteSpecialist, Engineering staff
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