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Subject matter expertise and supervision in econometricsDescription

I can act as an expert or mentor in an interesting project related to data analysis in econometrics. I have deep knowledge in the areas of data analysis, statistics and programming. If you have any questions , please send me a card with your task!

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Collaborative research
data analysis
Hae QadryTeacher, Doctor of Science, associate professor
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Scientific writing in international lawDescription

Highly experienced working with government and private sector, including security and emerging-market equities.

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international law
Nuo FaiTeacher, Doctor of Science, associate professor
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Data analysis and statistics in econometricsDescription

A full cycle of data analysis, starting from mathematical foundamentals, choosing and programming a model, and ending with the quantitative conclusions interpretations. Supervised and unsupervised models. Structured and unstructured data.

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Collaborative research
data science
data analysis
Hae QadryTeacher, Doctor of Science, associate professor
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Reviewer and editor of educational and scientific materialsDescription

I have been working in the oil & gas and mining industry for 20+ years, conducted 7 experimental industrial tests, conduct advanced training courses, Ph.D. If you need an industry expert to evaluate your text content, then I am happy to be part of your work, either for a fee or as a co-author.

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Article co-authorship
industry expert
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Malik RahaimSpecialist, Engineering staff
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Feasibility study and development of LNG production and refueling infrastructure for a city bus transport enterpriseDescription

The calculation models that exist today solve the problems of providing refueling of road transport with traditional fuels (gasoline, diesel), these models cannot be applied to transport on liquefied natural gas (LNG), because they do not take into account the characteristics of a particular enterprise, increased safety requirements and regulatory and technical documentation, features of LNG transportation. Tasks: 1. Substantiate the factors influencing the efficiency indicators of the transition of passenger vehicles to LNG, perform their expert assessment, establish conditions for the formation of an optimal LNG infrastructure. 2. Based on the analysis of the initial data, determine the trend of the minimum and maximum average daily LNG consumption depending on the route network. 3. Determine the required number of LNG filling infrastructure to justify the rational amount and composition. 4. Develop a model of the optimal LNG production and filling infrastructure in order to determine its composition, content and functioning parameters. 5. Develop a feasibility study for the formation of a production and filling infrastructure based on LNG based on the developed model. 6. Develop a fuel supply scheme for vehicles moving from the manufacturer's plant to the Customer's site.

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Ning EngCommercial organisation, Private companyVcchan
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