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Modelling of physical processes in the chemical industryDescription

It is necessary, within the framework of working with programmers and data scientists, to develop a model for monitoring the technical condition and process parameters in the fractionator.

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physical process model
D. RayCommercial organisation, Private companyHexagon
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Process expertise in the chemical industryDescription

An expert from the chemical process industry is required to consult software developers (digital twins, systems of monitorings and production management).

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Subject Matter Expertise
D. RayCommercial organisation, Private companyHexagon
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Expertise in the electrical part of the article about green hydrogen generationDescription

The article is devoted to the production of hydrogen by electrolysis with the help of waste energy recovery. I do not have enough knowledge in the field of electrical engineering, so I am looking for a colleague who would be interested in co-writing a scientific article.

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Collaborative research
Mathematical modelling
waste energy recovery
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Grasia CapekTeacher, Doctor of Science, associate professor
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Joint research in the field of laser physicsDescription

I have been involved in laser physics for over 15 years. I am open to joint multidisciplinary research, as I believe that the future lies with them. At the moment I am studying the problems of optical-acoustic diagnostics of inhomogeneous solutions and composite materials

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Collaborative research
laser physics
multidisciplinary research
Ongar SaciewTeacher, Doctor of Science, professor
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Process Modeling in Ansys Fluent, CFX and MechanicalDescription

I perform numerical simulation of hydro-gas-dynamic processes, combustion processes, as well as strength analysis. The price is per hour.

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Vitomir EfimowTeacher, Doctor of Science, assistant professor
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