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Modelling of physical processes in the chemical industryDescription

It is necessary, within the framework of working with programmers and data scientists, to develop a model for monitoring the technical condition and process parameters in the fractionator.

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physical process model
D. RayCommercial organisation, Private companyHexagon
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Mathematical and statistical modelingDescription

I have about 12 articles in high-ranking scientific journals, wide experience in working with data. Good knowledge of differential calculus.

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math modeling
differential equations
Rakna FadelSpecialist, Engineering staff
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Solving a system of nonlinear differential equations with logical conditions in Wolfram MathematicaDescription

Good day! It is necessary to solve a system of 12 differential equations with an abundance of logical "if" conditions. I solve in Wolfram Mathematica, but the standard NDSolve methods do not work because of these conditions, I implement the Runge-Kutta method manually, but I get unsatisfactory results and a very long solution. I will be glad to cooperate with a mathematician who can help solve my problem.

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Collaborative research
Article co-authorship
Vitomir EfimowTeacher, Doctor of Science, assistant professor
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