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Development of a neural network modelDescription

There is a lot of data on fuel compatibility, on the basis of which it is necessary to obtain a prediction. Traditional regression methods cannot describe a multifactorial dependence, machine learning and neural networks will probably help.

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Collaborative research
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Arash HadadSpecialist, Engineering staff
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Development of a model for predicting an employee's decision based on motivation factors in the companyDescription

There is a large set of profiles of employees who quit or stayed to work in various organizations. There is also data on motivation systems in companies. The data is unstructured, the format of the questionnaires is different, but I know who quit and who stayed. I would like to make a model that, according to the employee's profile and the motivation system, will predict the turnover in a particular company.

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Collaborative research
Preparation of request for invention
Bayazit GabdullinPostgraduate student, Second year of study
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