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Consulting in the field of nanotechnologyDescription

I have experience of working in large corporations and performing research projects. Hands-on experience with advanced characterization techniques such as optical microscopy, thermal analysis, dilatometry, XRD, EBSD, EPMA, etc.

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materials science
Merugan EkboteSpecialist, Engineering staff
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Designing and developing and products in the chemical scienceDescription

My experience include polymer science, nanoscience, formulation chemistry, catalysis, bio-medical materials. Send me your request card and we will discuss your project in detail and free of charge.

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product development
Yesey OmarPostgraduate student, Fourth year of study
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Cybersecurity in mobile & car Android OSDescription

We aspire to be a most buzzed-about cybersecurity visionary by bringing AI and comprehensive Machine Learning capabilities to redefine the fight with continuously evolving Android cyber threats in real-time, everywhere. We are looking to onboard more R&D engineers in

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Kaymera KaymeraStart up, Private companyKaymera
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