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Maintenance and replacement of elements of any laboratory installationsDescription

Regardless of the complexity of your installation, we will ensure the supply of the necessary consumables or the manufacture of new ones, we will perform adjustment, calibration and performance testing. Forget about the problems of selecting elements and purchasing from different suppliers, we will do all the work on a turnkey basis.

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Greg RadboneCommercial organisation, Individual entrepreneur
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Production of metal parts according to drawingsDescription

We have all the necessary competencies and equipment for the manufacture of metal parts in any quantity. Our production includes more than 10 units of CNC machines: automatic lathes, 3,4,5 axis milling machines, providing a full cycle of metalworking, as well as finishing equipment.

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metal parts
automatic lathes
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Vivec RaaviCommercial organisation, Private company
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Development of design documentation for an innovative pressure regulatorDescription

It is necessary to develop a set of drawings for the manufacture of a prototype gas pressure regulator. Some of the parts will be made by casting. I have internal dimensions that are responsible for the gas dynamics of the processes, but other dimensions and fasteners will need to be considered together.

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pressure regulator
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No nameStart up, Individual entrepreneur
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Well-being serviceDescription

The program allows users to track their physical activity, monitor nutrition, the ability to focus on tasks, emotional health, if necessary, contact curators in order to get advice on the menu, physical activity.

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Sasha PetrovScientific organisation, Private company
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Early detection of cancerDescription

A platform combining radiology and machine learning methods to help doctors detect malignant tumors in the early stages of screening.

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Sasha PetrovScientific organisation, Private company
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