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Outsource CMO to bring innovative developments to the marketDescription

Innovative products are difficult to promote, this requires knowledge of both marketing and the subject area. For such products GTM strategies, the right choice of promotion channels and the presentation of the product to customers and buyers are very important. Often, teams implementing innovative products have a lack of marketing knowledge; they rely on common known promotion algorithms that are ineffective for knowledge-intensive products. We have extensive experience in bringing to market and promoting complex products for highly specialized clients and buyers. We invite you to delegate these tasks to us in their entirety. We will analyze the market, develop the necessary strategies, ensure the representation of your product and its promotion, as members of your team who care about the result, not the size of the marketing budget spent. Cooperation is possible both for payment and in exchange for various participations in your project.

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Outsource CMO
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Gim Commercial organisation, Individual entrepreneur
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Surgical robots and company promotionDescription

We are a biotech startup which focuses on manufacturing surgical robots. These surgical robots are being developed with the goal to enable minimally invasive treatments with high precision. Some of their main use cases are treatment of cancer cells in order to halt the progression of the disease. Now we are entering the market and we need highly targeted advertising, which will tell about our developments and will attract investors.

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Garryson ReedStart up, Private company
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Scientific and business presentationsDescription

Development of presentations with high-quality visuals, development of content in a short time. Including the creation of presentations as handouts at forums and conferences. Cost per slide.

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FKProd Commercial organisation, Private company
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Scientific conferences, industry forums, hackathons, business battles, strategic and foresight sessionsDescription

We organize large-scale events with the participation of a large number of people. Scientific conferences, industry forums with a large number of platforms, hackathons, business battles, strategic and foresight sessions and much more. We will develop the identity and website of the event, help to create a high-quality program, print all the handouts, and offer the most profitable project for the technical equipment of the site in every sense. Both face-to-face and online formats are available.

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Scientific conferences
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FKProd Commercial organisation, Private company
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Citation Index BoostDescription

We help you promote your manuscripts to increase citation on social media, web portals and news.

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citation index
Alf HabgoodCommercial organisation, Individual entrepreneur
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