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Joint research in the field of laser physicsDescription

I have been involved in laser physics for over 15 years. I am open to joint multidisciplinary research, as I believe that the future lies with them. At the moment I am studying the problems of optical-acoustic diagnostics of inhomogeneous solutions and composite materials

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Collaborative research
laser physics
multidisciplinary research
Ongar SaciewTeacher, Doctor of Science, professor
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Looking for a supervisor at the intersection of neuroscience and mathematicsDescription

Good afternoon! I am interested in computational neuroscience. I know that the topic is relevant, but due to its multidisciplinarity, it is difficult to implement. I'm very executive, now I'm learning python. I am looking for a specialist who would be interested in such a topic, and who could take me into joint research.

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Collaborative research
Preparation of request for invention
computational neuroscience
Dmitriy BabacinPostgraduate student, First year of study
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Joint implementation of scientific grants in social sciencesDescription

I am a graduate student of the second year of study, I have a scientific backlog in the form of articles. Topic "gamification as a tool for managing labor motivation". I invite you to cooperate. Together we will have a better chance of getting the grant and meeting all of its performance indicators.

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Collaborative research
Preparation of request for invention
Bayazit GabdullinPostgraduate student, Second year of study
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Scientific consulting for biotech startupsDescription

Technical due diligence, startup strategy developing, preclinical study design, etc. Wide experience in building innovative preclinical research programs to investigate neurological, metabolic, and inflammatory diseases as well as experience in early stage biotechnology R&D.

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Collaborative research
Ding ChanInvestor, Individual
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Subject matter expertise and supervision in econometricsDescription

I can act as an expert or mentor in an interesting project related to data analysis in econometrics. I have deep knowledge in the areas of data analysis, statistics and programming. If you have any questions , please send me a card with your task!

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Collaborative research
data analysis
Hae QadryTeacher, Doctor of Science, associate professor
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