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Business analysis and search for innovative ways of developmentDescription

It is required to audit the business processes of a woodworking plant and perform reengineering based on innovative solutions in the field of ecology. Develop and implement new business process regulations.

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Business analysis
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Audit of project technical documentationDescription

We control the implementation of design decisions, analysis of collisions between sections of the documentation. Also, if necessary, our auditors can assist in the relationship between designers and manufacturers in the event of any conflicts or if it is necessary to agree on the decisions made. There is experience in working with large investment projects in which a large number of performers were involved. We use the approach of detailed project support with a dedicated auditor. All details and demo on request.

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Anvinder IhleCommercial organisation, Private company
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Methods and devices for reducing roadside pollutionDescription

It is necessary to conduct a qualitative analysis of patent materials on the topic in English and Chinese.

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roadside pollution
patent analysis
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Yen ChangInvestor, Individual
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Search for sources and preparation of literary analysis in sociologyDescription

I have experience in a wide and deep search for literary sources in Kazakh, Russian and English. I will prepare an analysis according to your template. The volume of work will be determined in the correspondence, the price is per hour. I am also ready to cooperate in the framework of joint research on the topic of gamification that interests me.

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Collaborative research
Bayazit GabdullinPostgraduate student, Second year of study
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