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Turnkey R&D
Searching for colleagues and mentors
Review, analysis, audit
Prototyping and maintenance
Experiments and tests
Data processing
Scientific and technical writing
Writing educational materials
Promoting developments
Implementing the developments
Sharing experiences
Field of expertise
Proposal Type
Construction project drawings, specifications and terms of reference for the development of innovative photovoltaic-thermoelectric hybrid systemDescription

Specialists are required to prepare documentation, on the basis of which it is possible to manufacture a pilot device in factories in China. Experience working with Chinese contractors is a plus. The cost and format of participation in the project can be discussed.

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Bartsu Start up, Private company
DEMAND | Responses: 0
Surgical robots and company promotionDescription

We are a biotech startup which focuses on manufacturing surgical robots. These surgical robots are being developed with the goal to enable minimally invasive treatments with high precision. Some of their main use cases are treatment of cancer cells in order to halt the progression of the disease. Now we are entering the market and we need highly targeted advertising, which will tell about our developments and will attract investors.

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Garryson ReedStart up, Private company
DEMAND | Responses: 0
Data ScientistDescription

Hi there, I'm Evey, I run a company that works on an e-commerce promo infrastructure platform with a mission to leverage predictive incentive systems to drive equitable and sustainable Consumer relationships. I'm looking for a data scientist interested in psychology, behavioral science or nudge theory, to join our remote team part or full time.

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Articles promotion
Promotion on forums and conferences
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Evey RobaczekStart up, Private company
DEMAND | Responses: 0
Solar panel technology for country housesDescription

We will buy know-how technology of efficient small-sized solar panels to create an individual and group system of the Internet of things. Consider proposals at any stage of development.

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solar panels
Internet of things
Alex SPowerStart up, Individual entrepreneur
DEMAND | Responses: 0
Microscopy and Microanalysis LaboratoryDescription

We offer: granulometric analysis; fractographic analysis; metallographic analysis; roughness study; morphology study.

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granulometric analysis
fractographic analysis
Livy FiskScientific organisation, Private company
OFFER | Responses: 0
Production of metal parts according to drawingsDescription

We have all the necessary competencies and equipment for the manufacture of metal parts in any quantity. Our production includes more than 10 units of CNC machines: automatic lathes, 3,4,5 axis milling machines, providing a full cycle of metalworking, as well as finishing equipment.

Condition options
metal parts
automatic lathes
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Vivec RaaviCommercial organisation, Private company
OFFER | Responses: 0
Feasibility study and development of LNG production and refueling infrastructure for a city bus transport enterpriseDescription

The calculation models that exist today solve the problems of providing refueling of road transport with traditional fuels (gasoline, diesel), these models cannot be applied to transport on liquefied natural gas (LNG), because they do not take into account the characteristics of a particular enterprise, increased safety requirements and regulatory and technical documentation, features of LNG transportation. Tasks: 1. Substantiate the factors influencing the efficiency indicators of the transition of passenger vehicles to LNG, perform their expert assessment, establish conditions for the formation of an optimal LNG infrastructure. 2. Based on the analysis of the initial data, determine the trend of the minimum and maximum average daily LNG consumption depending on the route network. 3. Determine the required number of LNG filling infrastructure to justify the rational amount and composition. 4. Develop a model of the optimal LNG production and filling infrastructure in order to determine its composition, content and functioning parameters. 5. Develop a feasibility study for the formation of a production and filling infrastructure based on LNG based on the developed model. 6. Develop a fuel supply scheme for vehicles moving from the manufacturer's plant to the Customer's site.

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Ning EngCommercial organisation, Private company
DEMAND | Responses: 0
Articles publication support and language services for international journalsDescription

Pre- and Post-submission services: english editing and translation, graphical abstract, articles promotion, statistical analysis.

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Alf HabgoodCommercial organisation, Individual entrepreneur
OFFER | Responses: 0
Analysis of materials to reduce the negative impact of natural weather factors on operations in the storeDescription

New materials to reduce the negative impact of natural weather factors on operations in the store: icing, heat, dust, dirt and others

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DEMAND | Responses: 0
Cybersecurity in mobile & car Android OSDescription

We aspire to be a most buzzed-about cybersecurity visionary by bringing AI and comprehensive Machine Learning capabilities to redefine the fight with continuously evolving Android cyber threats in real-time, everywhere. We are looking to onboard more R&D engineers in

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Isidor KamenevStart up, Private company
DEMAND | Responses: 0